Nothing compares to the feeling a well-tailored suit affords its wearer; it is something many distinguished men have confirmed getting use to this feeling is still quite unsettling, and you think you have hit the peak till another fabric swatch catches your eye. At Brommon this experience tends to be mutually exclusive with our in house favorite, the chalk stripe; it has an uncanny ability to bring that ‘million dollar’’ aura when it’s done to perfection. Most have called the pin/chalk stripe suit a boardroom staple simply for its consistency to hint power and presence.

At brommon our dedication to delivering the best is our ethos hence the chalk stripe suit sits on top of favorite offering. We have handpicked the best chalk striped fabrics from the best mills in the world, coupled with our canvass construction and our in house block pattern we believe we have created a wardrobe staple that duly hints on our dedication to client satisfaction.

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